Vital Concepts

The three following sections are excerpts from the book 'The Revolution of 2012'. Together, they illustrate concepts that are vital in meeting the forthcoming changes.

Fifth Dimensional Consciousness

Words may not be adequate to describe this level of consciousness, which is essentially non-verbal. But, in the Spirit of Illuminating Truth, the following concepts may relate:

  • a continuous consciousness of connection to all that is.
  • an eternal sense of belonging.
  • a continuous and growing consciousness of the evolving Divine Plan and how our part of it relates to a greater whole.
  • communication by multi-dimensional waves of meaning, feeling and illumination.
  • unlimitedness of creative endeavour.
  • abundance of resources allied to a wisdom regarding their use.

As we evolve further into Fifth Dimensional consciousness, verbal communication will gradually be replaced by "wave communication" where whole multidimensional concepts, pictures, desired actions, and deep understandings are transferred in an instant. What has hitherto to been the preserve of heart-opened intimate couples, will become the normal mode of communication. And the Spiritual, emotional, mental and physical environments will increasingly support this enlightened way of being until it feels truly normal.

Attunement Of The Heart

This attunement of the heart enables a much deeper connection to be sustained in all interpersonal communication. We shall go beyond just depending on the use of words, with all the ambiguities arising from each person’s individual understanding of words, phrases, and sentences based on personal, direct and often quite different experience of word usage and all the emotions associated with those past situations. It is important to hold the truth that the meaning of a word as we hear, speak, or read it is the sum total of all the previous occasions in which we have experienced that word. The open heart attunement allows a vital element of softness to permeate a stream of spoken words - the warmth from the heart centre will modify and overlay every part of the communication. The ambiguities of words will be replaced by the refined understandings of subtle hues of vibration in the realms of heart-based feeling - not unlike the effect of uplifting music in a dramatic film, which enables the audience to perceive a higher meaning and deeper feeling perception from a character's speech.

A Vision Of The New World

I would like to share a vision of life on Earth as our whole world ascends to Fifth Dimensional consciousness over the next seven years. It is a vision which encompasses every life-form and every activity upon the Earth and reflects the profound transformation taking place in each one of us as the underlying vibrational pattern mutates to higher and higher octaves - adopting the resonance of fundamentally new scales.

I will introduce and describe some pictures of this New World as I currently perceive them based on what has been shown in various milieu. It is useful to keep in mind that these aspects of the eternal creation process of our Universe are subject to the universal law of continual change and evolution as the norm-so the detailed outcomes reached by 2012 will probably represent quite varied aspects of manifestation. What is being offered here is a collection of insights and understandings concerning the direction and fundamental essence of this on-going change, to thus share with the reader an opportunity to attune with the new patterns and more readily align their life activities to intunement with this flow.

It has become an axiom of career planning in recent decades that the rate of technological innovation will require all participants in the world economy to change careers several times within a person’s lifetime. During the run-up to 2012, and into the Fifth Dimensional consciousness decades beyond, our relationship with every facet of life, small and large, will undergo a series of major “career” changes - so significant that many of us will look back to our former 20th century lives with a combination of amazement and disbelief that we could ever have interfaced with the world in such a manner. In this account, we will look briefly at some of these aspects of life in order to uncover the likely trends of change as the Earth evolves to the higher vibrational patterns.

A permanent and continual loving connection with Spirit (the Great Creator, the Source of Life or many other terms) is the foundation of the new paradigms of life on Earth as she evolves to Fifth Dimensional consciousness. Going beyond the regular occasions of connection through meditation, prayer and the other special times of inward reflection, we are moving into a state of continual awareness of this Universal Presence at both a cellular and a heart level.

This profound change of orientation will come about quite naturally as the light vibrational patterns become more readily available, not only through lying on the floor of Crop Circles, finding an enchanted place beside a woodland stream or maybe a special place within a meditation garden, but as we go about our daily tasks and daily interactions with our fellow beings, this identity with Spirit will be all pervading. It will show itself through the expression of heart felt warmth, joy, and compassion integrated into each communication and action within an ongoing flow.

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