Videos of Andrew Smith

Video 1: White Brotherhood Briefing on 2012

Andrew explains the significance of the events leading up to 2012 as set out by the Ascended Masters of the White Brotherhood.
Time: 7 mins 19 secs, size: 13mb

Video 2: The Revolution of 2012

A recording of Andrew giving a presentation at the Quiet Mind Centre, Southsea, in the spring of 2007.
Time: 54 mins 58 secs, size: 109mb

These videos were filmed, recorded, and edited by Robert Armstrong and Nicola Hague for their Holistic Channel( Our warm thanks to them for making these available for this website.

Videos of Wessex Research Group

2011: A Year of Accelerating Change

The universe is in a constant state of permanent change. Nibiru plays a vital role in creating a period of accelerating change. This goes far beyond the superficial and will redefine the template for life and consciousness on Earth.

Pranic Energy

Light, but not as we know it. The profound relationship between light, thought and matter.

2015: Looking Back from the Future: The New You

As the Earth ascends to a 5th Dimensional level of Consciousness, what changes will individuals need to go through? Letting go of the material world dominated by money is a vital step to the new level.