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Volume 1

The Revolution of 2012 Vol 1: The Preparation

Price: $22.55
"The Preparation" describes the energetic changes already taking place on Earth and their effects on many aspects of human life. The reader is invited to align with these profund changes utilising the expanded consciousness through the Heart Centre, the natural gateway of connection to the Spiritual realms of Higher Consciousness.
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Volume 2

The Revolution of 2012 Vol 2: The Challenge

Price: $22.55
The second volume of The Revolution of 2012 takes the reader deep inside the "Planetary Initiation of 2012". It describes in detail the physical changes scheduled for the third week of December 2012, just before the Winter Solstice.
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Volume 3

The Revolution of 2012 Vol 3: Taking Action

Price: $22.55
The third volume of The Revolution of 2012 invites the reader to seriously address the evolving situation as we move closer to 2012. As the Earth goes deeper into the transition from the old world to the New Golden Age, we are invited to face the realities of irrevocable and profound change in life conditions for humanity. There is a choice facing each of us to make changes in our lives, in preparation for a new Path forwards, or stay locked in the world and ethos of consumerism, the current expression of mainstream secular life.


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Buy Volumes 2 & 3 together

Price: $38.75
Buy the Revolution of 2012 volumes 2 & 3 together.


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Buy all three volumes together

Price: $49.75
Buy the Revolution of 2012 volumes 1, 2 & 3 together.

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