Spiritual Study Course - extract

The Beginning

The purpose of this course and its successors is to enable a preparation in depth for the major and continuing changes upon Earth as we approach 2012 and the years to follow. The very life energy upon which your human existences depend and thrive is changing and will continue to change fundamentally. Just as in the old days of radio, we must ensure that we are tuned precisely to the broadcasting station – in this instance, however, it is a station which broadcasts 24 hours a day every day. The continued existence of every species on Earth depends critically on the quality of this broadcasting connection whether it is with the group Spirit of a plant or wild animal species, or with the individualised Spirit of a human being. When this connection is broken, extinction of the species is not far behind.


In the course of history upon Earth, the broadcast of life-sustaining Spiritual energies have gradually changed in frequency vibration according to the evolutionary needs of the Earth itself, a great multi-dimensional Spiritual Being. This Being, upon whom you all depend for your continued incarnation in physical form, has committed to make the greatest changes in its life expression over the next several decades for quite a few million years. The broadcast frequencies of the life-sustaining energies will be greatly transformed during the evolutionary process and it behoves every human soul to consciously reach out for these higher frequencies of life energy should they decide to stay with the programme.


This course is divided into nine lessons designed to facilitate the student on their ascent to higher octaves and lay the foundation of an ongoing ability to readily adjust and ascend to new Spiritual realities as their life continues to unfold. A key feature of the curriculum is to facilitate direct connection with myself and other members of the White Brotherhood, as well as with the Divine Feminine, as a direct source of guidance and loving empowerment.


It is suggested, and strongly recommended, that you spend several weeks absorbing the energy of each lesson, and certainly no less than two weeks for each. Truly, the value lies in the depth you reach with each lesson, rather than the speed with which you can complete them the first time round. My intention is that you may return many times to re-experience the course. Its multi-level construction will ensure that you discover new facts and new awareness each time you revisit. After listening to each lesson the first time, it is suggested that you subsequently follow along with the transcript provided to clarify the meaning of any unusual words or sounds. Be sure to complete each chapter in turn including exercises before starting the next chapter..

Your loving guide,

Serapis Bey

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