Spiritual Study Course

The Master Serapis Bey Mystery School

Mystery Schools have existed on earth for thousands of years, but far from the public eye and well hidden from curious esoteric glance. They are based on the understanding that, in order to ascend to higher levels of awareness and connection, it is necessary to attune with the energies of Spiritual Beings with a much higher consciousness. Their ability to focus on refined wavelengths for long periods enable the student to home in and access similar wavelengths – partly through sound and vibrational overlay.

In times past, a student would often search for years before finding such a School and requesting admission. The search and the parellel inner processes were part and parcel of the course itself.

However, during these extraordinary times during the run-up to 2012, access and teaching methods have changed greatly in response to unprecedented world conditions. The ability of Master Serapis Bey and other Ascended Masters to be in multiple locations simultaneously (from an Earth perspective) combined with electronic storage capability for the sound overlay allows students to pursue the course at home. They can immerse themselves in the course material while drawing directly on Serapis Bey’s power, inspiration, and loving support.

Amongst many other involvements, Serapis Bey was one of Jesus’ Egyptian teachers and introduces us similarly to worlds far beyond the material, yet fully connected. More recently, he worked with Helena Blavatsky on the writing of “Isis Unveiled”. and the “Secret Doctrine”

The Essence of the New Mystery School

The core of the teaching is nine lessons recorded in full trance so we hear Serapis Bey’s voice in full resonance. This multi-layered sound opens up pathways of connection to enable us to make real steps upwards towards his level of being and that of the White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters. He shares his energy in an unlimited way to empower us all to arrive safely. It is intended that the course be worked with for 5-8 months initially and then repeated as desired. Each time through, more layers are revealed and new perspectives presented. Serapis Bey invites us to convene in ceremonial magic.

At present, the emotional body of man is dominated by selfish, separatist urges and his Spirituality is a response to those urges. Spirituality now is shaped by the efforts of the isolated individual to hold down his lower nature which wants to be allowed to gratify those urges.

The Spirituality of the future will be based upon the realisation of potential. We must uncover our true selves and learn how to stay connected with the inspirational levels. When Man’s lower principles are expelled as part of the Planetary Initiation of 2012, the only relevant Spiritual study will relate to these higher levels of consciousness.

Whether or not you plan to come through 2012, the course will significantly enhance your Spiritual Growth and the opening of your Heart Centre. Master Serapis Bey’s curriculum includes the following:

  1. How to focus your attention so that we have the clarity of mind for effective visualisation and the calmness to perceive Higher Reality.
  2. Understanding the precise way in which the Great Pyramid symbolises and represents the true nature of life on Earth.
  3. Learning to use ancient Egyptian mantras to break up the rigidity of old belief and personality patterns.
  4. Learning to use sacred sounds to energetically address situations in our lives and develop clairaudience.
  5. Understanding the relationship between the Spiritual power of the Sun, golden light, gold the metal, and achieving a higher consciousness throughout our being.
  6. Learning to build and strengthen one’s consciousness as the creator/director of our individual lives.
  7. Learning to open those places of power and profound receptivity within one’s head.
  8. Understanding the Hierarchical nature of all Creation and how to align with it positively.
  9. Learning and experiencing how to raise our energy to the more intense levels of the Initiate.
  10. Learning to establish a continuous connection with Serapis Bey and the Realms of the Great White Brotherhood.
  11. Understanding how the Great White Brotherhood operates as a team to orchestrate major energy insertions into our world:
  12. e.g. the insertion of the Christ Energy (2,000 years ago) the Light of Camelot (6th century) the birth of the Theosophical Society (19th century) World Karmic Clearance (2003/2004) the evolution of humanity through 2012 and beyond
  13. Understanding that committment to service is the price of Spiritual advancement.
  14. Understanding the vital importance of group gatherings for creating Spiritual Light.
  15. Recognising our own immortality and understanding it deep within ourselves – as well the vital importance of that recognition and understanding.
  16. Understanding the Spiritual essence of starlight.

By completing this course, we ready ourselves and qualify for the challenge of profound Initiation opportunities from Kuan Yin and other Masters which will be available in 2008. These higher Initiations can enable direct connection to the Ascended Masters of the White Brotherhood, as a vital precursor to one’s own teaching service.

About the Course Package

Although the course is designed so that we can study each lesson individually at home, we also provide support in study groups, informal meetings, and over the telephone. We have found this course quite extraordinary in its power for positive change and inner joyfulness – its loving evolutionary effect. An extract from the course introduction is attached as an Appendix.

The cost of the course is £100 inclusive for the nine lessons recorded on CD, together with an instruction book comprising an introduction from Serapis Bey, the transcripts of the recordings, and specific powerful exercises for each lesson segment.

This course offering is just for you and is not transferable. However, if you wish to reccomend this course to a friend, who is serious about their Spiritual Growth, then they are very welcome to contact me directly by email or phone. We would like to share this journey as fully as possible.

If you would like to go ahead and get started, please send me a short letter or email indicating your acceptance of these conditions, and your contact information (email and telephone number). I will respond directly.

Love and Light,

Andrew Smith

You can view the course introduction here.