Reader Comments about the Book

"An exciting, informative, profoundly optimistic and very practical account of the momentous changes occurring now as the Earth advances to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness carrying much of humanity through the same process. The essence of the book is action; it explains simply and clearly what we can do to stay with the flow and tune our hearts to the vibrational frequency that is rising month by month, how businesses can transform their practice, how family life can be enriched, and new ways of community living be brought into being. The author’s channeling is tempered by his own clarity and judgement as a former statistician and precious wisdom as a master healer to create a powerful cocktail of new practices and perspectives."
Kent, England

"As fine a guide to the coming changes on both the Earthly and Spiritual levels as I have recently read. This is a must for those of us who want to open our hearts and minds to preparing for and welcoming the changes that are upon us in this time of transition."
Maine, USA

"Although The Revolution of 2012 describes imminent catastrophic events, it is an optimistic book as it asks us to stop endlessly rehashing the past and get on with building the future. The author is entirely right: a tremendous and revolutionary reshaping of ourselves in the Light of Spiritual awareness is necessary for us to face the challenges the next few years will bring. How we will fare is anyone's guess, but this is the kind of contribution to the 2012 debate that might inspire us to a positive outcome."
Nicholas R. Mann
Author of Isle of Avalon and Glastonbury Maker of Myths

“A serious yet inspiring call to action from an author who combines the deep analytical insight of a professional researcher with the profound Spiritual perspectives of the White Brotherhood.  An important message at a crucial time in the evolution of the Earth”.
Charles Dawson

“An outstanding presentation of the true choice facing each member of humanity in these extraordinary times during the run-up to 2012.  The challenge facing each person is explained meticulously with the consequences of choosing each path clearly set out”.

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