The Planetary Initiation of 2012

By Master Serapis Bey

Whether we celebrate the New Year at the Winter Solstice or on the 1st January, it is traditionally a time when a wise person takes stock of their life situation. They weigh the importance and urgency of current challenges against the resources and insights they can muster in response. Through the linked seasonal practice of making New Year resolutions, it is also a time when we come face to face with the role of personal willpower. It may well be that there is a great need for it to be re-introduced or at least strengthened in our daily practice of living.

We are not talking here about the lower use of will in the furtherance of self-gratification. We are strongly addressing the need for the on-going daily exercise of inspired Will to stimulate action to move forward the life-goals and related responsibilities which we choose to consciously embrace. It is not sufficient to say to oneself "Why not do this"? What is required of all the souls seeking the Path of Light is to know at all times why they are making each choice in their lives, and that these choices are indeed aligned with achieving the requirements o of their Highest Path of Evolution towards the Light.

These are not just noble words or yet another human aspiration with which we struggle to find a way to realise.  This is the daily practice required of all Spiritual aspirants as the Earth moves ever closer to the full manifestation of the Planetary Initiation of 2012.  When we acknowledge the rising energies or more refined vibrations of the current times, we need to understand the inherent need for all human aspirants on the Spiritual Path to be open to changing and renovating their repertoire of life choices as they consciously live each day.

This is part of the vital preparation for the Planetary Initiation of 2012 for all those who wish to stay attuned to the life-sustaining energies upon which all lifeforms on Earth depend.  Just like one adjusted the tuning on an older generation radio receiver when the signal changed to a new frequency, so it is of crucial importance that humans, who wish to stay with the Earth as she evolves, maintain their attunement to the life-support energies as they rise, change and rise again in a magical multi-dimensional evolution. 

The evolutionary course of the Earth has been marked by dramatic cataclysmic changes every 5,000 or 6,000 years – that is why most “history” and physical records are of more recent vintage.  The actual events within one of these periods of immense change varied considerably in their actual manifestation.  Sometimes there was a partial re-arrangement of the land masses, at other times a total cleansing by Nature of the whole surface of the planet.  Often their was a partial redesign of the human species to suit the evolutionary plans of the forthcoming cataclysmic period.  

The role of the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood in each of these unique times of cataclysmic change has been to make available an understanding during the prior years, which enabled the Spiritual seekers within humanity to respond.  The extent of this responsewould vary according to an individual’s capability to hear the message and their inclination to assign priority or not.

This time the dissemination of information is on a much greater scale than during equivalent times of change in the past.  This takes into account that the Earth will be making a vast step up to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness in 2012, rather than the previous patterns of re-arrangement and cleansing of land and water but still within a third dimensional paradigm.  The original plan for 2012 provided for all humans of goodheart and goodwill to make the ascent also, but the distractions of the materialistic age have taken a heavy toll in terms of interest and understanding. 

A modest number of individuals have already made firm personal commitments to the Path leading to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness and truly the beginning of a new Golden Age.  But even among those who have opened to the Light in some degree, most are still unaware that they have a choice to make: either to consciously tune in to this Path with an illuminated destination or to stay with the mass consciousness in their choices of life direction.

So we greet you all at this Winter Solstice time of celebration of the Earth’s birthday.  At this time on Earth, there is the warmest feeling of loving joyfulness.  This is similar to that which pervades the other planets in your Solar System continuously.  We lovingly suggest, should you feel so moved, that you pay a little more attention to the challenge of the Planetary Initiation of 2012, which will change all your lives beyond measure within the next several months.  Perhaps a powerful New Year’s resolution is indeed in order.     

Andrew Smith works with Master Serapis Bey in making available an advanced study course to facilitate the substantial increase in conciousness for the times ahead.  Details of the course are available on the Articles and Information page. He also facilitates White Brotherhood meditation workshops to assist in the Ascension processes.

Andrew Smith, december 2011

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