People's Responses to the Realities of 2012

I have talked to more than 250 people in the course of the last year about the major changes facing mankind in 2012 and thereafter. Most of these were in public or semi-public meetings and several dozen more in face to face conversation. Various patterns of response have become apparent among the mixture of reactions and aspirations expressed.

Practically everybody had encountered some prior information about some kind of predicted events or situations around 2012, or at least had felt some sense of mystery surrounding unspecified outcomes for that time period. Within the groups open to the public, very few knew beforehand about the major changes arising from the new orbits and rotation patterns of the Moon and the Earth after the physical expression of the Planetary Initiation of 2012.

As the various themes developed during each talk, heartfelt energies of love, warmth and compassion filled the room and were felt and assimilated according to the degree of heart-openness of each individual. That experience varied from joyful exultation from certain extraverts with open hearts and connection to the Light, to a glum, resentful annoyance from several people with closed hearts who felt cut-off from something of substance that seemed beyond their comprehension and powers of connection.

I have identified three broad categories of response to the coming 2012 situation: those who hear about it and connect with its truth acceptingly, those who hear but go into denial, and those who never consciously hear of it at all. We shall look at each of these categories in turn.

The Accepters

Some of the individuals in this category attuned through their hearts so deeply that they had no doubts at all about the truth of the 2012 briefing. The main dimension of variation within this category relates to the extent to which each individual realised that their lives would be dramatically and forever changed within six years and that serious prior preparation would need to get underway sooner rather than later.

This theme is expressed at its most connected and consistent form by those individuals who see themselves selling and/or leaving their existing home and moving at an early stage to a new community founded and constructed at a new location, chosen for its particular suitability for community living post-2012. In their lives up to this point, they have made choices and selected options based on an unencumbered realisation of the truth of any given situation. They would typically have linked beliefs that appropriate, necessary and sufficient actions must be taken in response to that clear recognition of the totality of the situation they are facing. And those actions MUST be addressed in a timely fashion. Forthese individuals it would be a denial of the creative life force, with which they express their very being, to hold back on taking the RIGHT ACTION merely because the 2012 situation might appaear to be completely outside all previous experience. In this scenario, family and work demands are addressed but integrated with the priority of 2012 preparations.

Another broadly positive sub-group within The Acceptors knows the truth of the 2012 changes but encounter difficult emotions of reaction when they begin to contemplate the scale of the steps necessary in any kind of appropriate response. The deeply embedded prior beliefs based on past experience or attachment create significant friction in planning definitive actionin response to their self acknowledged truth. As they manage to release or dissolve the expectation of those prior beliefs, forward actions to create an appropriate reality of response can develop some steadiness and momentum. For example, attachments to a particular country, region, along with local family and friends can substantially reduce enthusiasm for changing locations even before they face the stark contrast of living in a foreign land. As they gradually reframe their perspective of the situation, they may realise that the best chance of maintaining their relationships with friends and family post-2012 is to get some or all to move with them to one of the new self-sufficient communities.

A more disfunctional reaction pattern within The Accepters comes about when there is major disconnection between the capability of an individual to perceive a coming change on the one hand and being able to identify and focus on any kind of relevant responses, let alone an action plan to address what they know is coming. Sometimes the disconnect manifests as a belief that others will pioneer the solutions to living through and beyond the coming changes, as if all they have to do is step aboard a fully paid-for and fully provisioned ship (Ark?) when it is ready to depart. Others may have a more desperate reaction – that although some people may be sufficiently strong and skilled to make what seem dramatic plans to go through 2012, they personally feel incapable and lack any real hope of survival. They may as well just accept the end of their life within a few years. So they continue with their present way of life despite the presence of a cloud overhead, which increasingly darkens as the months go by.

A fourth sub-type within The Accepters is the person who goes through the motions of acknowledging that their life will change radically post-2012, but feels comfortable postponing any relevant alterations to their current life. They use a succession of short-term imperatives as the justification for postponing any actions as a measured response to the needs of the post-2012 situation. The demands of their family, their job, their home, their hobby (and all these connected people relying on them not to change) are paramount. All the people in their life are given first priority until it’s too late to help anybody.

A fifth sub-type within the The Accepters is the somewhat Spititually-conscious person for whom “New Age” and metaphysical interests and activities are a major part of their life. They hear about and accept the c oming changes of 2012 but their focus is firmly in the present time period and its onging dramas. If the suggestion is made that they might begin to co-operate with like-minded and Spiritually aware individuals and groups to prepare for the cataclysmic changes ahead, they would likely react that that they will just find a way through it all. They espouse the belief that the Spiritual connection within their life will automatically guide them through any time of turmoil on a “one day at a time” basis. Focused forethought and planning for the major changes are absent from their lives. The concept that they could be of major service by helping others re-orientate to what is coming and even engage in building the necessary infrastructure well in advance is, indeed, quite foreign.

The Deniers

The most common theme, within the beliefs and communications of those who deny major changes to Earth and humanity in 2012 and beyond, is that life evolves quite steadily most of the time. They will acknowledge that life may not always be predictable but usually there is enough advance warning of each new phase that there is plenty of time for individuals, businesses or other organisations to adjust and re-orientate. In this vein, they believe that changes to human ways of living and and operating can be made over decadeswithout significant “bumps” or discontinuities. They assert that any person or organisation who communicates otherwise is certainly alarmist and probably seeking to attract attention to themselves by being sensational.

A related belief is that “nobody really knows what is going to happen in the future” so the only course which makes sense is to assume that life is going to continue much as before unless an individual decides for purely personal reasons to change direction. They would likely assert that any individual who claims to perceive, know, and understand the flow of energies behind the manifestation of world events is in a state of delusion. Any person claiming such insights would be regarded as just supporting a particular hypothesis which is no more credible than half a dozen alternative postulates. For these arch-sceptics, scientific proof or similar demonstrable connection is necessary for them to believe anything. However, in real life, this rarely shows up until long after an event has happened. It is virtually never available beforehand to facilitate the best possible decisions being made. One such group likes to adorn their statements of disbelief with such epithets as “it’s another Y2K scare” and “we’ll have a little chuckle when we look back on this moment from 2016”.

Another sub-group within within The Deniers are those who don’t need any rational basis for their rejection of the advance briefing about the 2012 changes. For them an emotional rejection is a complete action in itself, whether it is of a classic “knee-jerk” variety or the slow-burn of exasperated overwhelm. The end result is similar in both patterns: “Don’t be ridiculous, I’m not going to believe that!”.

The Need for Full Consciousness

Within all the ramblings of themes, sub-themes, and patterns of resistance of The Deniers and, indeed, the partial Accepters, lies a common absence of full consciousness in addressing the situation before them. In the absence of that Heart-Centred full consciousness, that straight-on, truthful engagement with what is really happening now (which includes all the precursor energies of what is going to manifest later), the subconscious mind maintains control of observations, perceptions, interpretation, and action decisions. These continue to be based always on past experiences and past understandings.

In our lifetimes, there has never been another context which cries out louder for each of us to engage full consciousness as we consider how we fit into the “without precedent” 2012 events and subsequent new civilisation. Should we find ourselves trying to fit the 2012 frame into our existing life pattern it is time to confront our subconscious mind doing what it believes is appropriate – recreating the past.. Select “override” and let’s assert our Heart-Centred conscious engagement with our true perceptions of what’s really really taking place and in which direction to head.


It’s important to keep in mind that the largest group of all are those who never get to hear of the 2012 “divergence from conventional reality”. Sometimes the absence of Light within an individual obviates the attraction of opportunities by which this crucial information could have got through. Other times an opportunity did come into being but was ignored or snuffed out in its early stages by the habitual patterns of routine administered by their subconscious mind. Sometimes the desire for scientific proof or practical demonstration ensures that that possible openings are rejected in summary fashion.

This pattern of non-connect has prevailed in so many people that it is to be hoped that those of us who HAVE become aware of the great Cosmic Moment of 2012 may treasure it, and find within us the power and motivation to step forward constructively.

Andrew Smith

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