A message and request from the Devic Elementals

Will you please help us to awaken humans as to our very presence! And then as to what we are doing for you all who are down in Physical Form on planet Earth at this critical time of change.

If humans can understand that co-operation between all the Kingdoms would bring about the necessary harmony for a smooth and gentle transition from the old Piscean Age up to the new Aquarian Age, then life for ALL down on earth would be simple and relatively peaceful in transition. However, at this point humans are the main problem, trying to dominate and "boss" everything their way. Little do they realise how little they know relative to all the other Kingdoms about Peace and Harmony! What they are doing is to wreck all our efforts at a peaceful transition!

The Animal Kingdom is vastly abused by all the meat-eating without honour to the givers of life! Then the same applies to the Vegetable Kingdom, growing crops for mass production and not for quality, and so wrecking the Mineral Kingdom through use of fertilisers and pesticides. When will the unruly children of earth wake up to the fact that they are killing their whole Earth, including themselves! It is no use telling them "You would not do this to your own children"- because this is exactly what they are doing! How then can we reach through to their Higher Selves to change this?

It is vital that small groups are created to focus on changing Humanity’s understanding of and relationship with the other living Kingdoms on Earth. We will do all we can to help them understand the urgency for change and how to carry it out. Using Sound, like your group at Wanstrow, is particularly effective at reaching third dimensional Humanity.

jay risdon

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