Introduction to 2012

The Mayan Calendar

During the four years or so going forward through Winter Solstice 2012, the Earth is changing and evolving on a scale beyond precedent. It is time for the Earth to rejoin the other planets in the Solar System which long ago evolved to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness and beyond. The Earth has stayed in a third dimensional consciousness level for untold thousands of years, held back from progression by an "arm lock" of global proportions, installed and maintained by the custodians of ancient karma, particularly from the darkness pertaining to the end of the Atlantean age. She needs to evolve to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness both for her own needs and for the needs of the whole Solar System to itself grow and evolve.

I believe that we are all invited to undertake this great journey. It requires that each individual attunes and stays attuned with the Cosmic Energy environment as it moves up from current levels of vibration to the Fifth Dimensional Consciousness.

Learning more

We have included three particular concepts from the book on this website that will help you to meet these forthcoming changes:

Or, you can read/print all three together on the 'vital concepts' page.

About the book These concepts are excerpts from the book: "The Revolution of 2012 Vol. 1 The Preparation", which goes into this subject matter in much greater depth. Read the reviews under reader appreciation and, if your interest is stirred, you can order a copy of the book from this website.

We also have some videos of Andrew Smith presenting the information that you can watch online. You may also contact us for Spiritual Healing requests, which are offered purely on a donation basis. These requests are fed into our weekly remote healing group. Considerable relief to many kinds of physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances has been experienced by people in a variety of life situations and different countries.

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