Attunement Of The Heart

This attunement of the heart enables a much deeper connection to be sustained in all interpersonal communication. We shall go beyond just depending on the use of words, with all the ambiguities arising from each person’s individual understanding of words, phrases, and sentences based on personal, direct and often quite different experience of word usage and all the emotions associated with those past situations. It is important to hold the truth that the meaning of a word as we hear, speak, or read it is the sum total of all the previous occasions in which we have experienced that word. The open heart attunement allows a vital element of softness to permeate a stream of spoken words - the warmth from the heart centre will modify and overlay every part of the communication. The ambiguities of words will be replaced by the refined understandings of subtle hues of vibration in the realms of heart-based feeling - not unlike the effect of uplifting music in a dramatic film, which enables the audience to perceive a higher meaning and deeper feeling perception from a character’s speech.

This article is the second in a series three 'vital concepts'.
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