Fifth Dimensional Consciousness

Words may not be adequate to describe this level of consciousness, which is essentially non-verbal. But, in the Spirit of Illuminating Truth, the following concepts may relate:

  • a continuous consciousness of connection to all that is.
  • an eternal sense of belonging.
  • a continuous and growing consciousness of the evolving Divine Plan and how our part of it relates to a greater whole.
  • communication by multi-dimensional waves of meaning, feeling and illumination.
  • unlimitedness of creative endeavour.
  • abundance of resources allied to a wisdom regarding their use.

As we evolve further into Fifth Dimensional consciousness, verbal communication will gradually be replaced by 'wave communication' where whole multidimensional concepts, pictures, desired actions, and deep understandings are transferred in an instant. What has hitherto to been the preserve of heart-opened intimate couples, will become the normal mode of communication. And the Spiritual, emotional, mental and physical environments will increasingly support this enlightened way of being until it feels truly normal.

This article is the first in a series three 'vital concepts'.
The next article is 'Attunement Of The Heart'.