Sparkford School of Spiritual Mystery



As time seems to fly towards the Winter Solstice of 2012, the Spiritual life-force energies, upon which all humans depend, are rising steadily towards much higher frequencies.  By the end of 2012, energies which at present one would only find in an advanced meditation, or in the inner sanctum of a special temple, will become the everyday norm for our life-support.

This will be a great joy if your Inner Being is already functioning at that elevated level and your open Heart-Centre is attuned to these new frequencies.  Without these new foundations however, it will be hard to connect with these upgraded energies of life-source we need for day to day living.

At the School of Spiritual Mysteries we offered talks, courses and workshops for those individuals seeking to sensibly and responsibly prepare for a great opportunity to grow Spiritually and Ascend to a much higher level of Consciousness.

The courses and workshops were based on the principle of total immersion, rather like the highly effective way of learning a new language.  Some of the subjects offered were:

  1. Beginning the journey to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness through guided meditative journeys.
  2. Opening to your Higher Self Guidance.
  3. Spiritual Healing.
  4. The Violet Flame of Quan Yin through Count Rikoczy.
  5. Releasing the third dimensional paradigm to make room for the expressions of New Consciousness.
  6. A practical Spiritual basis for forming self-sufficient communities to flow through 2012.
  7. The Egyptian Mysteries with Serapis Bey

The teachings were channelled from Count Rakoczy, El Morya, Quan Yin, Serapis Bey and other Ascended Masters of the White Brotherhood.  For more information please contact Andrew Smith tel 01749-346744 ( or Contact Us).

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