The Sparkford School of Spiritual Mysteries

The Teachings of Masters El Morya and Rakoczy

Between November 2009 and April 2010 a series of discourses were channelled through Andrew Smith from these Masters of the White Brotherhood.  These sessions were held at Sparkford Hall in Somerset with an invited group.

The subjects covered included: The Nature of Spiritual Growth, Using the Violet Flame, The Ascension of the Earth and Individual preparation for the New Golden Age.  The talks were recorded live and are now available on compact discs (CD’s). They are not of studio quality, but the message is clear and powerful.

Following are descriptions of the recorded material on each CD:

1. The Nature of Spiritual Growth –Rakoczy 29/11/09

The need to break out of old patterns of thought and behaviour is universal, while the various paths that individuals find to achieve these substantive advances are many and varied.  The nature of the human subconscious mind is described in detail and constructive strategies outlined to facilitate the process of stepping out of the endless repetition of re-creating the past.  The concepts of Acceptance, Oneness and Individuality are presented within the overall context of engaging with meaningful Spiritual growth.

2. Effective Techniques for Self-Mastery and an Introduction to the Violet Flame – Rakoczy 13/12/09

By getting to know the true Spiritual Being within oneself it becomes more possible to clearly distinguish its role from that of the subconscious mind.  Learn to centre each day and be a constructive co-creator of your life.  Use discernment and observation rather than judgement.

The Violet Flame was created to provide a powerful tool for transmuting the energy of any situation to a higher level of reality.  It can be used to bring diverse energies and individuals together harmoniously.

3. Winter Solstice Message – El Morya 20/12/09

The Winter Solstice can be regarded as the “pivot point” of the year.  A Deva oversees the energy of each year’s evolution from Winter Solstice to Winter Solstice.  At this point, a new Deva brings in the pattern of the next 12 months ahead.  Thus a Spiritual framework for each year is created.

The energy we will experience in 2010 is very different from that of 2009, and the events occurring as the year evolves will be on an unprecedented scale.  The Earth needs to reconnect with her fellow planets in the Solar System, who made a transition to Higher levels of Consciousness a long time ago.  This will involve re-arrangement of the various land masses and more.

Humans need to adopt a new approach to life and attune to the Earth’s new direction.  There is a great need for individuals to make the transition to service-orientated self-sufficient communities.

4. Using the Violet Flame Effectively – Rakoczy – 10/1/10

This energy is designed to be flexible and universal so as to address all life challenges and situations effectively. It has the power to transmute old karmic situations as they come to the surface to be experienced and processed. As one of the Lords of Karma, Quan Yin has created a powerful opportunity to greatly accelerate an individual's Spiritual Growth by consciously invoking the Violet Flame. Much of this discourse is a practical and live application of the use of the Violet Flame, as you listen, attune and participate.

5. Understanding and Working with Emotions – Rakoczy 23/1/10

Emotions allow old energy to move on as well as facilitating the experience of new energy. We learn how to create a state of balance so we can work effectively with our emotions. By communicating with each of them as they come up, we discover what each one really consists of and go on to discover often unresolved underlying issues. By looking at these "components" of an emotion, we can more readily use the Violet Flame of Transmutation to move forwards.

6. Individual Preparation for the Coming New Age – Rakoczy 6/2/10

In this discourse, we are strongly encouraged not to leave our preparation to the last minute, as there is so much which needs to change in ourselves and our external circumstances. Even with a strong personal commitment to get ourselves ready, we may still be in for a wild ride. Without timely preparations, the enormity of the Earth changes maybe too much of a shock for clear functioning. Just as our planet is making enormous steps in her evolution, we as individuals need to follow suit.

7. Manifestation and the Greenfields Community – Rakoczy 20/3/10

We are encouraged to understand that moments of crisis in the outside world can open doors to profound inner change. The Greenfields Community is designed to lead us towards a new civilisation, a new land and a clean start to a real New Age. Both residents and visitors will be bathed with high vibration energy, giving a feeling of great warmth and clarity. This enhancement will enable even a small group to move forward effectively.

8. A Review of the Discourses and Further Insights on the Purpose of the Greenfields Community – Rakoczy 11/4/10

As we step out of the rigid and all too predictable automatic behaviour of mainstream living, the role of the subconscious mind changes dramatically as inner consciousness rises. The process of deep inner change requires great self-discipline, as it is not particularly easy or comfortable. The emotional body can protest strongly at such times. Getting started on "Ladders of Ascension" requires a clear focus on a consistent direction, before a gradual "opening out" comes about.

Greenfields Community is a Centre of Light attracting those who have or are acquiring a Fifth Dimensional Consciousness. The land has been put through a huge energetic upgrade as part of this process.

9. Summer Solstice Message from El Morya –20/6/10

2009 was the last year of the current age which can be regarded as "normal" within the customs and expectations of Western society, particularly within the urban lifestyle.

The prognosis for the rest of the year is far removed from the assumptions of gentle incremental change usually envisaged by mainstream society or indeed most New Age participants. As the physical changes become more intense later this year, it will be particularly challenging to those on the Spiritual Path to accept what is happening around them.

A most important understanding for each individual at this time is that events do not revolve around their personal desires or their perceived personal needs. The paramount challenge is to adjust these personal desires and needs to align with the rapidly changing conditions on Earth, just as we see species in Nature making similar necessary adjustments.

A deep visualisation process enables us to attune with this community in the process of manifesting.

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