Crop circles and the approach of Niburu

Crop Circle Blitz

A June 17, 2009 circle at West Kennet showed a progression over a three day crop circle period. This progression was showing how quickly the 12th Planet complex will become visible in the sky for all to see during the last weeks. First the planet itself, surrounded by the dust cloud, will be visible. Then the trailing tail will be visible. And finally, the double helix swirl of dust and debris from the sides of the travelling complex will be visible.

12th Planet Visibility

2009 crop circle at West Kennet

Explanation 6/20/2009: This is a genuine circle and not a hoax. It was amended on the two days following to show a progression. We have explained that in the last weeks the 12th planet complex will come visible, fully visible, to all mankind. Of course, it is visible now, on occasion, as a Second Sun or object with tail on SOHO images, but we are talking about a visibility that cannot be denied. The complex will look as large as the Sun, approaching from the direction of the Sun. At first the appearance will be of an irregular orb, striated. By the next day, the tail will be visible and unmistakable. By the third day, the double helix appearance which showed up as the 12th planet made its entry into the inner solar system will be visible.

- - -

A June 21, 2009 circle at the popular Milk Hill site likewise showed a progression over a two day crop circle period. This progression represents the increasing pressure the Earth will be under during the 5.9 days of rotation stoppage prior to the hour of the shift. The retrograde orbit of the 12th planet, and the 90° crustal shift, are both shown in the diagram.

Rotation Stoppage

2009 crop circle Milk Hill

Explanation 6/27/2009: This crop circle depicts the 5.9 days of rotation stoppage, which ends in a 90° crustal shift during the hour of the pole shift. The 12th planet approaches in a retrograde orbit, coming at the Earth from a clockwise direction during the passage. This is shown by the clockwise lines swinging into the crustal shift. Pressure builds during this 6.9 day stoppage, represented by the increasing size of the orbs over this time period, and the magnetic push behind this increase as represented by the material added on the second day. The Earth appears to be almost in a pincer during this time, which it is. It has the dictates from the Sun, and the dictates from the 12th planet, to which it finally succumbs.

- - -

A June 25, 2009 circle at Martinsell Hill also shows a progression in the size of the 12th planet complex in the days before the pole shift. This is due to the Earth actually being pulled close to the planet, in what must be a horrifying few days, especially for those who do not understand that the Earth has been through this trauma before, and survives.

Earth Drawn Closer

2009 crop circle Martinsell Hill

Explanation 6/27/2009: Here the increasing size of the 12th planet complex as the time of the passage approaches can be seen. The double helix swirl blowing back from either side of the planet corpus. Folklore reports that the complex increases in size just before the passage, growing in size to equal the size of the Sun or Moon in the sky. This growth happens not only because the 12th planet is steadily moving outward toward Earth, but primarily because the Earth is drawn toward it. We have described this before. This occurs during the week of rotation stoppage and the few days preceding it. The 12th planet will be approximately midway between the Earth and Sun to start, so there will be approximately 43 million miles between these two planets. But at the time of the passage, there will only be 14 million miles between the two planets, as The Earth draws closer to it. After the passage, the Earth returns to her normal orbit and does not remain closer to the Sun.

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A July 2, 2009 circle, again at Milk Hill the relationship between the magnetic fields of the Sun, the Earth, and the passing 12th planet during the hour of the passage. Read comments at Crop Circle Connector.

Magnetic Passage

2009 crop circle Milk Hill

Explanation 7/3/2009: Clearly representing a bird in flight, this crop circle is giving a message about the path the 12th planet will take during the passage. The double helix dust swirl on either side is represented by the wings, with the tail flowing out behind the passing planet. What cannot be missed by any who look upon this depiction is that the passage centers over the magnetic field of three planetary objects - the Sun, the Earth, and the planet itself. Earth tilts to accommodate the magnetic field of the 12th planet. This is shown by the two smaller orbs. The magnetic field of the Sun is exactly transected, at the Ecliptic. This is shown by the larger orb. The position of the magnetic fields is a dominant issue during the passage, and this is the message the crop circle brings.

- - -

A July 4, 2009 circle at West Down Gallops again depicts the flight of a bird, with what appears to be an additional set of square wings on either side and some kind of trailing tail.

Skewed Bird

2009 crop circle West Down Gallops

Explanation 7/3/2009: The Gallops circle is showing an uneven skew, caused by what appears to be an imbalance in square wings on either side. The leading bird is perfectly balanced and crosses the lines in the field cleanly, but the trailing tail of the complex is skewed to one side by approximately 15°. What caused this skew? The square wings are not balanced, but are rather a reverse mirror of each other. Both, however, have a retrograde motion, clockwise, from the spine of the bird's flight. The 12th planet, of course, as we have so often mentioned, has not only a retrograde orbit but also a retrograde rotation. Were these square wings to mirror each other, one would have to be counterclockwise, not clockwise, and this is not what this circle is trying to depict. Simply stated, the design is saying that the double retrograde motion, which counters Earth on both fronts, is a factor in putting the Earth into a skew in the near future.


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