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Exploring the 5D New Earth

Much has been written and talked about concerning the coming “New Golden Age” for humanity. Our appetites and desires have been stimulated by dreams of a love-based ideal world or even Utopia. Now comes this remarkable account of a series of journeys to explore the Fifth dimensional (5D) New Earth, which has magically evolved out of our current planet known as (3D) Earth.

The reader is empowered to explore a wide variety of different realities within this New World and be drawn into the early stages of this Creation process. You will get a refreshing view of the underlying principles being applied in this development of a new life arena for humans and many other evolved living Beings.

You will discover that this is an inhabited World founded on love and joyful co-operation, as one would expect from a civilization inspired and primarily managed by the Divine Feminine. Above all, it is a World accessible to those of us who genuinely seek to raise ourselves, step by step, to qualify as fully fledged participants.

“A fascinating insight into a whole new way of expressing human life on our planet. As I discovered the extraordinary ways that life energies ripple through every living Being and structure in this New World, I felt a new inspiration for my daily endeavours to connect to higher levels of Spirit. I am thankful for the teaching Masters reaching out to assist and enable aspiring students”. Charles Dawson

“An inspirational, evolutionary success.  From the first moments of the first journey I was transformed into an innocent, child-like state of being, discovering the revolutionary 5D New Earth.  This love-based New World clearly awaits all who have an openness to follow their hearts and allow their consciousness to expand into new realities, each journey giving a deeper understanding of the way forward.  It left me with a warm and joyous feeling for the future of humanity.” - Michael Goodwin, Author of “Whatever Happened to George?”

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Ascension and the Fifth Dimensional Network

The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and evolution to “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” (a more advanced level of living) so she can realign with the rest of our Solar System. Conditions facing humanity are going to change out of all recognition as a result of this transition, some of which are already becoming evident.

The Fifth Dimensional Network (Dnet) will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need as an individual to move to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness. This structure will both empower and protect you as you develop, while aiding in maintaining a balance with your existing life in the 3D world meanwhile. Quan Yin and her team of Spiritual Masters and Archangels have created the Dnet as a living web of connection for any human individual who seeks a positive and safe route forwards and upwards to the New Golden Age.

Quan Yin: Ascension and the Fifth Dimensional Network explains how the Earth is going through the biggest changes for a million years or more as she follows the example of the other planets in our Solar System in evolving to a New World. The Dnet is presented as a practical and powerful tool for each and every individual seeking to take part in this epic journey. The book spells out in detail how the process works and what is needed for completion of the Ascension process.

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About Volume 1: The Preparation

Volume 1 is a natural sequel to the various research studies of the ancient mysteries involving the Mayan predictions for the Winter Solstice 2012. "The Revolution of 2012" provides a briefing on the current mysteries surrounding the run-up to 2012 - directly from the Ascended Masters working on the implementation of the Divine Plan for the Earth’s evolution through this period.

This channelled briefing is offered to provide insight and understanding in depth about what is actually going to happen during the years prior to 2012 and thereafter so that we can choose to make sensible and relevant preparations for this immense transition.

"The Preparation" is the first volume of three. It describes the energetic changes already taking place on Earth and their effects on many aspects of human life. The reader is invited to align with these profound changes utilising the expanded consciousness available through the Heart Centre, the natural gateway of connection to the Spiritual realms of Higher Consciousness. Appropriate changes in all forms of life expression can be progressively achieved as this alignment becomes a living reality for each person making this choice.

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About Vol. 2: The Challenge

The initial volume "The Preparation" addressed the need for individual change and re-orientation of personal consciousness. This would enable us to connect with and attune with the revolutionary cosmic energy permeating the earthplane in the run-up to 2012.

The second volume "The Challenge" takes the reader deep inside the "Planetary Initiation of 2012" and describes in detail the physical changes scheduled for the third week in December, 2012, just before the Winter Solstice. We show how these changes align with the ancient prophecies of the Mayan and other Elders of ancient tribes, both in North America and other locations. They are part of a much larger plan for an energetic upgrade of the whole Solar System and the galaxy itself.

The role of mankind is to learn to fit in with the Cosmic Plan and release the belief that all life revolves around human needs and desires – just like we had to release an earlier misunderstanding that the Sun revolved around the Earth. Humanity now faces the extraordinary challenge of choosing one of two diverging paths, as we come to terms with these stark new realities. The nature of the Path to the New Golden Age and the pitfalls of the Path of Conventional Conduct are described in detail to facilitate that choice.

The author provides unusual insights into how an individual can best address the process of making enlightened choices in these challenging circumstances. He goes further to describe the Spiritual and physical consequences of the choices available, and encourages the reader to go significantly beyond what we may previously have thought possible, when deciding on our path forwards.

The author leaves us with the encouraging understanding that there is much help and thoughtful guidance available for individual humans going forward to 2012 and beyond. It is time for Earth and humanity to reconnect with the vast population of planets and living beings throughout the universe, one step at a time. It is time to release the outworn and somewhat despairing belief that we are the only meaningful life forms in the cosmos.

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About Vol. 3: Taking Action

The third volume of The Revolution of 2012 invites the reader to seriously address the evolving situation as we move closer to 2012. As the Earth goes deeper into the transition from the old world to the New Golden Age, we are invited to face the realities of irrevocable and profound change in life conditions for humanity. There is a choice facing each of us to make changes in our lives, in preparation for a new Path forwards, or stay locked in the world and ethos of consumerism, the current expression of mainstream secular life.

As the world goes deeper into the transition from the old world to the New Golden Age, the reader is invited to face the realities of irrevocable and profound change in life conditions for humanity.  There is a choice facing each of us to make changes in our lives, in preparation for a new path forwards, or stay locked in the world and ethos of consumerism, the current expression of mainstream secular life.

The author takes us through the essential stages of individual transformation to allow the release of old modalities from times past so we can embrace the deep inner transformation necessary to reach Fifth Dimensional Consciousness.  It is time for taking effective action through forming community groups to achieve sustainable self-sufficiency on the land within a sound and lasting partnership with Nature.

With the planetary system of Nibiru (Planet X) drawing closer month by month, major alterations to the physical layout on Earth are inevitable.  The intense gravitational force and magnetic fields of Nibiru will cause havoc to the world’s computer systems and every operation they control.  The construction of viable alternative communities can provide long-term life support for any group with a clear intention and the will to follow through. 

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