2012 – A Year of Transition

During the next 12 months the great Earth being Gaia will complete her transition from a 3rd dimensional to a 5th dimensional planet, re-joining a family cluster of already ascended planets. This transition to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness (5D) is the culmination of an accelerated phase of evolution that takes not only the Earth to a higher energetic vibration but also all aspects of consciousness and life associated with the planet.

During 2012 we will each have the opportunity to ascend with the Earth from the 3rd to the 5th dimensional level. We (humanity) are just one part of the Earth's matrix of life and consciousness and our relationship with our home is profound. Without the Earth humanity would not exist. Without humanity the Earth would not have a life form that has developed self consciousness to the point where out of its freewill it can serve as (human) beings of unconditional love, service and compassion. Our evolutionary task is to assist the Earth and its elemental realms in developing its consciousness.

The 3D Earth has been a training ground for souls in human form. Our planet has provided a 3D template that has enabled us to experience a human life and learn through experience. The old 3D Earth is now in the process of being released by Gaia and will end up as a somewhat inert mass, quite similar to the current 3D Mars that we presently observe. The released Earth will not have human inhabitants or sustain life because life support functions will now operate at the 5D level. We (humanity) can make this transition because we have completed our training on the 3D Earth. We are required to bring the sum total of all our evolutionary experiences in to balance and progress to the higher 5D level.

How do we negotiate this transition?

In moving from the 3rd to the 5th dimension we are about to experience a quantum leap forward and a fundamental shift in our thinking. Our view of the Earth, the universe and our sense of what it means to be human will alter radically. The transition is well under way with every cell, molecule and fibre of our being raising its energetic vibration or resonance at a sub atomic level.

Throughout the year we will be invited across the veil from our present 3D reality to 5D so that we might learn, experience and acclimate ourselves to this higher paradigm. Most experiences will occur (at least initially) during sleep. Everyone irrespective of race, age, gender or wealth / social status will have this opportunity. As the year progresses we will spend more and more time in a 5D state and less time in 3D. There will eventually come a point when the 3D door closes forever, 5D is our only reality and the New Age truly begins.

What will we Become?

Human beings have a great capacity to love. In a 5D state of existence this is the potential that we are expected to fulfil. To exist in this higher vibrational state you will have worked through the karma generated through your experiences as a 3D being, mastering both the ego and the emotions.

Your heart chakra will be fully open like a great optical lens through which a higher universal energy pours. This energy might be described as unconditional love is the undercurrent of the universal flow of energy. You will feel it spiralling out of your hands, feet and Torso in great columns. You will have also become less physical and more etheric, aware that you are surrounded in extended fields of energy. The sense of the body, the physical self much less defined. You can at will move out of your physical body between the physical and the etheric planes.

In 5D there is also a sense of connection, an energetic connection between yourself and all other aspects of consciousness, human, elemental and spiritual. This is the union of individuality with group consciousness, the idea that yes we each retain our individual essence whilst being aware that we are part of an integrated whole.

Communication by thought and the ability to manipulate energy will replace our existing technologies which will no longer be appropriate. We will begin to understand that everything is energy and that every thought and emotion has an energetic signature.

2012 is the year when we must ground ourselves in love and step forward into the New Age as ascended human beings who can love unconditionally, live through compassion and place love and the idea of growth through service to others as central themes to our being, as both individuals and as a human soul group.

2000 years ago a 5D human being incarnated on Earth to show us what we would become. The year ahead is the time to fulfil this latent potential.

robert mulliss, 2012

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