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A Connection between Atlantis and Camelot

The ancient wisdom encourages the aspiring student to follow the Path to which you are most drawn.  The great need at this point in humanity's evolution is to develop and internalise Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness so you are able to relate to the rising energies of the Earth herself.  Focusing on the seven rays is indeed valuable.

Our work stems from the creation of the four leaders of Camelot and the corresponding leaders of the Golden Age of Atlantis:

Guinavere/Quan Yin
Arthur/El Morya
Merlin/St. Germain and Rakoczy
Lancelot/RA including (St.) Francis

You will find contributions from all of them on the website, but most are from the great multi-dimensional being Quan Yin.  As one of the Lords of Karma, there is less New Age soft soap and more emphasis on a student working to attune to higher love-based frequencies.  She is also making herself directly available to those who call on her for assistance.

The priority is what's happening right now and the information, understanding and related perspectives are from the team directly involved in the transformation.  This teaching acknowledges difficult things like current physical earth changes and the role of Planet X/Nibiru, but it's OK if one just wishes to focus on moving to 5D within and the shift to a crystalline cellular structure. But there isn't much time left, so it's suggested that your Spiritual work takes priority in your scheduling.

The energies of old Lemuria at their best deal with purity of feeling.  With its successor Atlantis there was the development of advanced mind.  So, as well as the creation of Harmony, Peace and Transparency, there is a greater element of creating Understanding.

The Revolution of 2012 books will open some new doors for you within these areas, when you're ready.

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