2011: A Year of Accelerating Change

Long periods of gentle progression interspersed by shorter periods of intense activity characterises the evolutionary path of the universe. We are in a time of accelerated change or intense activity. Such times are often associated with the passage of a heavenly body through our solar system and currently the elliptical orbit of Nibiru (Rudolf Steiner‟s 12th planet) means that it is in close attention. In Babylonian Astronomy, Nibiru translates as the "Planet of Crossing" or "Point of Transition".

Nibiru‟s presence is the herald for the arrival in earnest, of a new energetic template for our home planet, one which will re-write the template for consciousness and all the physical laws as we have known them. This energetic uplift is an ascension (there will be others). Ascensions enable the universe to become more stable and safer because everything within it evolves to resonate at the highest possible energetic level.

During 2011 the rate at which the new energy streams will arrive is going to intensify. The effect on each individual will vary depending on how they respond to the higher vibrations, but we might (for example) find that patterns of sleep begin to change and we experience more "out of body" or "multidimensional" activity. We might find ourselves eating less and eating less heavy foods such as meat. We will also become much more sensitive to energy and might even develop telepathic abilities.

Telepathic abilities and a greater sense of interconnectedness are associated with higher states of consciousness. Great spiritual beings (e.g. the Christ) are so ascended, so interconnected that they can permeate every facet of everything. They are truly cosmic. The first quarter of 2011 is an opportune time to contemplate these changes from an esoteric or inner perspective. Consider that throughout the year your own energetic vibration is rising. Consider also that you and everyone else is becoming more sensitive to energy and that your own conduct towards others will carry an energetic resonance. During those nights when you cannot sleep visualise yourself as an ascended being (one of love and compassion), a column of light, with every cell of your being expanding into light, finite yet infinite, you are multidimensional, here yet everywhere and not confined by limitation.

This ascension is about the marriage of individuality and group consciousness and during this year we will have to consider our own individual needs in the light of collective needs. It is not a matter of adjusting to superficial change for we are talking about a change in the very essence of what we currently are as individuals and as a collective humanity. We are talking about unfolding our love and compassion, aligning with these higher energies and reconnecting with the cosmos.

The challenge of transition is ours during 2011, a year when we begin let go of the old (what we have known) and make a commitment to the new higher way. The new way requires us to live through the higher aspects of the self, and to work for the best interests of humanity and Gaia. It requires us to work together at a far more integrated level than ever before, integrated to the point where we have complete honesty and openness with each other.

Out of the changing essence of our individuality we manifest a higher humanity. We have manifested a sense of interconnectedness through our technology, but our challenge for 2011 is to manifest this interconnectedness at a spiritual ethereal level. 2011 is not just a year of contemplation but also a year of action and choice for each and every one of us.

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