Amon-RA – The Battle between the Light and the Dark

From "The Book of Overthrowing Apophis":

Apophis, you are all the Demons outside of Order. You are darkness and chaos. I am Thoth. I am Horus. I am Ra. I am the form of Ra on Earth. I condemn you all to death. Back, enemy of Ra, from the onslaught of my light. You are punished by Order. I cut off your heads with the knife of wisdom. You can not speak. You cannot reason. You have no breath. Your hearts have stopped. Your bones splintered, you are crushed. Your flesh rots. You are of one mind, but of many parts.

With your mind dissolved, your parts can only wage war upon each other, until there are no parts left. You fall into the flames. You no longer exist. Light prevails.

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