A Perspective from A Fifth Dimensional Society

(The narrator is being shown around a base on the far side of the Moon by a 5D person by the name of Mr. M.)

When I glanced at Mr. M. he looked back at me with his usual smile.  His eyes possessed such depth that I could honestly say I had never seen a human on Earth with comparable eyes.  Their reassuring look communicated the warmth of a very caring person.

“You don’t have to worry about adverse weather here since, unlike on Earth, there are no violent winds or storms at all on this base”.

I realised that I was unconsciously basing my judgements of everything here on my experiences on Earth.  This was, no doubt, a result of my past lives spent in the course vibrations on Earth.

I replied: “I see.  You told me before that you had no natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes, or extreme heat or cold”.

Mr M: “That’s right.  All phenomena that have come into being in the Earthly world are based on the repeated mutual interaction of the five types of coarse waves of Earthly humanity.  These phenomena are mistakenly regarded as true reality.  The accumulation of people’s mistaken ideas these phenomena, mixed with the light of the great God, have produced the present Earthly world of truth mixed with illusion.  When mistaken perceptions and illusions accumulate, they eventually reach a critical limit where they automatically materialise in the form of major natural disasters that cause widespread misfortune to humanity.  Needless to say, the great God is well aware of these impending disasters before they happen and tries to issue warnings before irreparable damage occurs.  These warnings are manifested in the form of violent winds or floods.  If the situation is left unchecked, however, a major calamity several times greater in intensity will occur.

Take rain, for example.  Unlike on Earth, we never see a sky full of heavy clouds completely darkening the sky, as if to overwhelm the Earth.  Rainfalls here occur when rain is needed but we never see black clouds that block out sunlight to the point that it becomes as dark as night during the day.  Here, rain falls in such a way that everything looks as if it has been covered by a thin mist.  Furthermore, the rain does not continue to fall day after day.  It comes in the form of a light shower lasting for only a very short time.

Please remember what I told you about the composition of molecules of water, for instance.  Here a water molecule includes features not found on Earth.  Also, because Earth is enveloped in thick layers of distorted ideas (thought waves), something of a given content and size will weigh about three times more than its counterpart on the Moon.  Unless you keep these basic differences in mind, you will find it extremely difficult to understand what you experience at the base”.

(From  Angels of the Cosmos by Maseo Murata, available from Amazon).

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